Search Engine Optimization Training

This Search engine optimization – SEO training covers how to select and optimize URLs, metadata, web page content and get backlinks that help people to discover relevant website content.

The methods that were previously used to get high ranking in search engines are not working anymore and in some cases can get web sites delisted (put into a penalty sandbox).

Long term SEO programs are becoming an important of a marketing plan.

Come to this session to learn what you SHOULD DO and WHAT NOT TO DO to get good SEO results.

This Session Covers:
– SEO competitive analysis
– URL Keyword Optimization
– Important Metadata (hidden descriptions)
– Content Ranking (very important for future SEO results)
– Link Building (getting good links)
– Link Removal (getting rid of bad links)

Presenter: Frank C. Jones

Frank C. Jones is owner of the Raleigh SEO meetup group and an Internet marketing expert who specializes in helping small to medium size business to develop effective marketing content and campaigns. Frank is the leader (chair) of the Search Engine Optimization – SEO committee for the Digital Marketing for Business – conference.

Date: March 25, 2015
Time: 5:30 to 7pm
Location: The Frontier Building
800 Park Offices Dr
Durham, NC 27703

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Social Media Marketing Volunteer Training

This social media marketing training covers how to monitor, post, and interact with people on social networks to motivate desired activities.

Good social media marketing brings new happy customers. Unfortunately, it can be much easier to spent lots of time publishing social media that does little or even makes your customers go away!

Would you like to know what social media marketing really works?

Come to this session to learn how to setup, run, and optimize social media campaigns to get real business results.

This Session Covers:
– social media rules – what works and what can get you banned
– how to find and setup social media channels
– what types of social media content gets desired business results
– creating a good mix of value and promotional messages
– how to monitor and motivate happy and minimize negative social media
– ways to create good original social media content in less time
– how to find and manage social media agents
– how DMFB manages social media marketing

Presenter: Kim Adamof

Date: March 11, 2015
Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm
Location: The Frontier Building
800 Park Offices Dr
Durham, NC 27703
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Screencast Video Production Training Session

How to Convert Powerpoint Slides into Engaging Video

Learn how to convert your existing Powerpoint presentations, brochures, and other materials into engaging marketing videos that motivate people to take actions. Producing effective videos has been complex, costly, and time consuming – until now!

The video production process is relatively easy – I’ll show you how to do it and what programs and services you can use.

Creating content that people want to watch motivate people to do something needs real marketing experience. You will learn how to add simple effects that keep viewers interested and how to add messages that motivate actions.

Topics Covered:
– Powerpoint to Video Conversion Options
– Adding Simple Visual Effects to Keep Interest
– Viewer Response Options
– Creating Effective Calls to Action
– Effective Video Titles & Descriptions
– Live Demo of Converting Powerpoint to Video

Presenter: Tanisha Harrelson

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