Interested in Doing a Workshop


Are you interested in doing a Workshop at the Raleigh 2015 Digital Marketing For Business Conference?


Please submit a workshop proposal for consideration.

Workshops are sponsored (paid) presentation opportunities ($350).

While some self-promotion is acceptable, the content must be helpful to workshop attendees

If your proposal is accepted, workshop presenters get ready to use podium with computer, mic, audio, and he workshop will be added to the conference session list.

Extra promotional benefits for our workshops include:

  • Blog Post (about your session)
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Speaker Dinner Guest Invite (mingle with attendees)

There are a limited number of workshop session time periods available so apply early to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Tips for creating a Winning Workshop Proposal:

  • We are looking for topics that range from core digital marketing principles through the next great trends or ideas. See the Sessions page for some ideas.
  • We receive many submissions on popular topics. If you have a unique perspective, a new idea, or a creative presentation style we want to know about it!
  • Spend some time to choose great titles and informational descriptions. After all, we are marketers! Show us your skills with a publish ready proposal.
  • Tell us about the value you’ll give to our attendees. What new skills, brilliant ideas, or action items will they take away from your session?
  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number of Person who Wants to Sponsor. May be different than presenter phone number.
  • Proposed title for the workshop. This can be changed after submission.
  • Summary description of Workshop. This can be changed after submission.
  • 3 to 5 key things this workshop will help attendees will learn.
  • What type of people should attend your session.