Get Content Buy-in with Steve Floyd at #DMFB14

Steve Floyd, Founder/CEO of AXZM, a digital marketing boutique, brings his expertise to the Digital Marketing for Business session, Selling Guns to Gandhi: The Art of Content Buy-In, as part of the Expert Track on May 8th at 9 a.m.

We caught up with Steve to find out more about his session and what attendees can expect to gain from attending it.

Q: Why is getting buy-in for content marketing so difficult?

A: I have seen a lot of people the last few years who are super-focused on content marketing with no clear strategy of why they are creating that content and most importantly – how it gets them closer to their business goals. 
In addition, getting buy-in from the C suite has proven to be a bigger roadblock than I have ever encountered at any phase of my career.

Q: What does this session offer people who are encountering those same obstacles?

A: I give away actionable resources, real-world successes (and failures) as well as free workflow management tools for content strategy / content marketing deliverables that will help you get the job done. Whether you are working in-house, on the agency side, in the C-Suite or as an independent consultant you can benefit from the things I share in this talk.

Q: How does this session relate to the work you do at AXSM?

A: For the first five years, I worked as a designer and developer on various CMS platforms, primarily Drupal and WordPress. The last four or five years I have been hanging out around the intersection of content strategy, UX / IA and SEO / SEM. Primarily, I get to help people solve problems and grow their business. There really isn’t a better feeling then when your clients win.

Q: As a first-time #DMFB14 attendee, what are you looking forward to most?

A: I’m from the south (Dallas) and have visited Atlanta and many cities in Florida, but I have never been to North Carolina. I am excited to meet local people in Raleigh at the conference that can share their experiences in digital marketing as well as the culture and history of the city.

To find out how you can sell guns—or content—to Gandhi, register for Digital Marketing for Business today!

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