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Small Business Track

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Following is a list of topics that you can tweet to @BizStoryTeller for inclusion in my presentations for both enterprise as well as small business tracks at the Digital Marketing for Business Conference in Raleigh on April 15 + 16, 2013.

When you respond, please be sure to include my Twitter handle (@BizStoryTeller) and either #Enterprise or #SmallBusiness to identify the world that your business mostly resides in.

The list is not exhaustive by ANY stretch of the imagination, so if there’s something you find interesting that you’d like to hear about, please tweet me and let me know. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I’ll have to focus on just a handful of topics, but I want you to have a say in what some of those topics are. There will be a core set of topics that I think everyone should know about and will add to that list from the choices you make.

I look forward to seeing you all at the conference and would be glad to start the conversation beforehand via Twitter!

  • #WhyVideo – why should we do it? what can video do for my company?
  • #StorytellingInVideo – why does it work so well and how can we do it?
  • #HowToShoot – practical tips for shooting video that can make your videos better.
  • #VideoSEO – what is it? why should we do it? how do we do it?
  • #DevelopingContent – what do we put in the video?
  • #TypesOfVideos – what types of videos are there? which one(s) should we create?
  • #BrandedContent – what is it and why should we care?
  • #ViralVideos – what are they and can we make one?
  • #RefiningMessage – how do we get our message across in a video?
  • #SettingUpStudio – what do we need to set up our own studio?
  • #ChoosingProducer – how do we choose the video company we should work with?

Brandon HoeBrandon Hoe is passionate about using video to help individuals, companies and organizations tell their stories effectively and helping companies and organizations tell stories that sell products, services and ideas more successfully.