Is Content Marketing the Future?

Enterprise Track

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Three industry veterans will take on the hottest subject in marketing today – Content Marketing.

Is Content Marketing the best road to success? Is it something you should already be working on?

Learn what has worked and what hasn’t for some of the biggest companies in the world as well as some local companies. Come with your questions as this will be one of the most interactive panels of the entire conference.

David B. ThomasDave Thomas is the Director of Community & Social Strategy for Salesforce Radian 6. David leads the company’s efforts to engage with and inform their customers and communities. Before Salesforce Radian6, David was Executive Director at New Marketing Labs. David also served as Social Media Manager for SAS, directing social media strategy, policies and training.

John LaneJohn Lane is a designer, in the holistic meaning, who bases his work on a thorough understanding of his clients and their needs. He looks at brands, audiences, and messages and interweaves creativity with strategy to create unique and thoughtful solution. John has an active mind that refuses never to settle for the obvious solution, instead coming up with something innovative, memorable and remarkable.

Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald has the rare ability to zero in on what needs to get done and the talent to pull it all together to deliver results on time and on budget. Having the advantage of 20 years in his industry to pull expertise from, Brian refuses to fall back on the tired old methods and continues to push forward with the methods that deliver positive ROI.